17 steps to harden defenses against nation-state cyber attacks

“Don’t let a good crisis go to waste” seems to be the thrust of this article. TBH, you should be doing all of this already…:

Recent world events, such as the rising international tensions with Iran, are focusing more attention on the threat of nation-state sponsored cyberattacks against the nation’s information infrastructure. While U.S. government cyber defenses are believed to be strong, there’s growing concern that the nation’s healthcare system and individual provider organizations could fall prey to concerted attacks, according to recently published guidance from the Association for Executives in Healthcare Information Security.

The publication, prepared by the AEHIS Incident Response Committee, notes that “even a nation without great military might can possess the potential to unleash havoc” on IT infrastructure. “Even if not explicitly targeted, hospitals need to consider that their systems could still be impacted as collateral damage in a cyberattack scenario.”


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