60% of IT managers think email cyber-attacks are ‘inevitable’ – report

My conclusion from this snippet is that 40% of ‘IT Managers’ are delusional. Surveys are a marketeers dream come true. By asking the right questions, you can shape the response around the message you want to get out to the market. Some surveys are more useful than the pure marketeer/Survey Monkey approach. Especially where the same questions are asked each time and you can track the change in responses. I’ve followed the Mimecast survey for a few years and it makes a good case for continuing vigilance on email…:

In a stark reminder of the severity of and prominence of cybercrime in 2020, 60% of global IT decision-makers believe it is either inevitable or likely that they will suffer an email cyber-attack in the next 12 months, according to new research from Mimecast.

The company has released its annual State of Email Security report, which surveyed 1,025 IT managers on their view of the current state of cybersecurity, both within their organisation and without.


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