A data arms race has begun — it’s not a game, it’s a national security imperative

Good points, but until individuals value their data rather than freely trade it for access to an app (e.g. something as simple as ‘show my location’ on a map app…) it’s going to be easy for companies and nation states to use our personal information for profit or malice…:

[…] Increasingly, data is viewed by companies and even governments as the new oil. With oil, many a war has been waged or prolonged because of the precious resource, the flow of which is carefully managed. It is time we treat data the same.

Even a little information is enough to figure out our most personal, intimate details. Just a few likes on Facebook can identify a user’s sexual orientation or political and religious beliefs — all issues which would be of interest to foreign powers looking to disrupt our social fabric.

Targeted information has been used as a tool in combat before. Billions of leaflets were dropped over western Europe during the Second World War, and more recently in Afghanistan and Syria, in order to manipulate and influence populations. Data warfare is the same — on a much grander scale, and at lower cost. Crucially, the actor behind such campaigns can remain hidden.


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