A third of ransomware infections are caused by weak passwords

Actually, the problem is password re-use. Use a password manager, generate a unique password for each account, store it safely…:

The recent PreciseSecurity.com research revealed that phishing scams caused more than 67 percent of ransomware infection globally during the last year. Another 36 percent of Mail Protection Service users reported ransomware attacks caused by the lack of cybersecurity training. Weak passwords were the third most common reason for ransomware infections globally in 2019.

The 30 percent share in the combined number of ransomware infections during the last years indicates a concerning level of password security awareness. The 2019 Google survey about beliefs and behaviors around online security showed that two in three individuals recycle the same password across multiple accounts. More than 50 percent admitted using one “favorite” password for the majority of the accounts. Only one-third of respondents knew how to define the password manager.


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