Action Fraud: Email and social media hacking reports top 15000 in last year

I’m sure we’ve all had ‘strange’ messages from connections on social media. I note that this article doesn’t say anything about the crime clear-up rate for fraud. My own experience with reporting to ActionFraud is that nothing ever comes back…:

[…] Previous data from 2019 to 2020 found that Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat were the most reported platforms on which people had their social media accounts compromised.

The most common tactic criminals use is phishing messages, where recipients are asked to click on a link which is designed to harvest their log in details and passwords.

One victim who had multiple email and social media accounts hacked paid over £2,000 to regain access, while another reported that their hacked Facebook account was used to trick their friends into sending money to a PayPal account they thought belonged to them.


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