After the Ransomware Attacks: Texas Governance and Authorities for Cyberattack Response

Useful summary of responses to cyber attacks in the US…:

In August 2019 there were multiple ransomware attacks in Texas, which characterize the increasing trend of state and local cyberattacks across the U.S. These cyber-type attacks depict a growing need for the development of state and local response plans for cyberattacks. This case study looks at Texas specifically and outlines current Texas governance and authorities for cyber preparedness and response.

It identifies the gaps in current legislation and the frameworks implemented at the time and provides recommendations to address those gaps. These recommendations are applicable to a broader audience and include legislative changes, state policy actions to include a cyber incident response framework and cyber insurance, operational methods to include mutual aid, cybersecurity oversight, training and preparedness exercises, and intelligence sharing, coordination with the Federal government for emergency and disaster declarations, and private sector coordination and partnerships.


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