Alarming number of pharma executive login credentials available on the Dark Web

Despite the $$$ spent on training and awareness programs the “Security is everyone’s responsibility” message clearly hasn’t been getting through to Pharma execs. Time for a different approach?…:

[…] A new report from cybersecurity firm BlackCloak details widespread vulnerabilities among the executive suite at some of the largest pharmaceutical companies on planet Earth. This includes login credentials that are readily available on the Dark Web, served up on a platter at this very moment. TechRepublic spoke with BlackCloak CEO and Founder Chris Pierson about the report titled “The Path of Least Resistance ‒ Pharmaceutical Executive Credentials Line the Dark Web as Criminals Look to Exploit Crisis.”

Pierson started his first law firm practice group, Cyber Security and Cyber Liability, in 2002, as he noted in our interview, this was well before the law regarding data breaches went into effect in the summer of 2003. Since then Pierson has focused on cybersecurity preparedness in a host of settings ranging from the CPO of the world’s third-largest bank to CISO positions in the financial technology sector. Pierson notes his experience shoring up network security while pinpointing the inherent risks in the overall framework.

Needless to say, the premise of Murphy’s Law is central to cybersecurity preparedness and prevention.

“We could control what was within our own four walls. We could control the corporate devices when they were on a VPN outside of the corporate environment. We could control the different accounts that we had and held in terms of owned. But we were unable to control our executives in terms of their personal lives. We couldn’t secure them,” Pierson said.


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