Alderman Censured for Not Completing Cybersecurity Training

This is interesting. Compelling people to take training by restricting their access to email if they don’t. I wonder if that would work in a large enterprise, or would everyone just switch to their personal email, in contravention of your acceptable use policy?…:

An alderman in the Tennessee city of Germantown has been censured for not completing a 45-minute cybersecurity training course.

Dean Massey received the official rebuke from his fellow aldermen at a heated two-hour meeting of the administration, which took place last night. The censure, which was passed on a 3-2 vote, stipulates that Massey must complete the cybersecurity training by September 27, 2019.

Authored by Alderman Rocky Janda, the censure states: “Alderman Dean Massey willfully and intentionally placed and continues to place the City of Germantown at risk of a cybersecurity breach by refusing to take reasonable training measures to prevent online security attacks.”

Massey and another alderman had their city email accounts restricted earlier this month after missing the deadline to complete the cybersecurity course, which Massey told Infosecurity Magazine was not designated as mandatory.

Instead of completing the training to regain access to his email account, Massey elected to create an alternative Gmail account through which to carry out official city business.


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