Alexa, ‘Destroy Civilization!’ Why Amazon’s Device Is Destroying Privacy As We Know It

A warning about inviting digital assistants into your home. It’s not always a conscious choice. I recently bought a ‘smart’ TV which comes with Alexa. I turned it off. My Sky remote can be voice activated. I don’t use it. But it feels as if I’m going to be surrounded by always listening devices unless I go full neolithic…:

[…] The logic is clear. While there is an expectation that conversations shared on social media platforms are public, surely conversations in your home are private? Unfortunately, not, if you have a smart speaker because even your voice has a commercial value to companies determined to develop the perfect voice capabilities. Big tech is on a global hunt for terabytes of human speech which is then used to train AIs to understand and respond to the commands and queries we give them.


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