Annual Black Hat convention travels from the Las Vegas strip to the digital world

If you’ve never fancied (or had an employer to pay for) Vegas in August, here’s a new way of attending Black Hat this week…:

[…] Wylie says they are doing their best to keep the event the same. Including more than 90 research briefings and 80 technical trainings.

One topic Wylie said they heard loud and clear from the community is protection for this upcoming election.

“Where among our audience 85 percent of them felt that cyber actors would have some impact on this year’s election and 70 percent believe that misinformation will play a key role,” Wylie said.

With the COVID-19 crisis forcing many into the digital world, Black Hat helps find the vulnerabilities in cyber security along with teaching the best practices to defend against hackers.

The virtual events is August 1-6, 2020. Registration will be available until briefings start Wednesday, August 5th. Click here to register.


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