Apple: Break Safari’s privacy rules and we’ll treat you like malware

Apple seem really serious about their brand positioning on privacy…:

[…] Apple on Wednesday published a policy governing how its Safari browser will block advertisers and websites from tracking you online — and it’s got strong words for anyone who tries to thwart its approach.

Safari started blocking all such cross-site tracking two years ago, Brave has done so since its launch more than three years ago, Firefox started doing it in June, Microsoft is working on similar technology with Edge, and Google has begun something of a crackdown in Chrome. But websites can use sneaky methods like fingerprinting and supercookies to try to evade those privacy protections, and Apple doesn’t like that one bit.

“We treat circumvention of shipping anti-tracking measures with the same seriousness as exploitation of security vulnerabilities. If a party attempts to circumvent our tracking prevention methods, we may add additional restrictions without prior notice,” Apple’s anti-tracking policy states. In other words, it’s a data leakage hole Apple will try to close, and Safari might punish websites in different ways if they try to bypass Apple’s approach.


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