Apple has let down every iPhone user

Just because you’re an Apple aficionado, don’t believe that you’re somehow immune to nastiness. This, plus the news that Android exploits now attract a premium over iOS shows that Apple’s crown has slipped…:

The discovery last week that malicious websites have been able to hack iPhones indiscriminately and with apparent ease for years came as a bit of a shock. The idea that a product that Apple itself bills as being “designed from the ground up” to protect your information could have its security measures ripped to shreds by simply visiting a website, and that this happened for almost three years makes a mockery of Apple’s claims of being able to protect users and their data.

A bigger embarrassment is that this attack on iPhone users was uncovered not by Apple, but by its archrival in the smartphone space, Google.

The scale of this exploit should also shock users. By simply visiting a website, the hackers could use exploits to deliver payloads that could “steal private data like iMessages, photos and GPS location in real-time” without the user having to install anything or be duped to run some app.


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