Apple privacy moves to kneecap Facebook revenue

This is an article from the Bangkok Post discussing the impact of iOS 14 on Facebook. Given that OS 14 is now the dominant version (see ) I wonder how many users have already been through the pop up > ignore cycle…:

The iOS 14 system sends a pop-up to users, alerting them the apps track their digital footprints, with an option to refuse the tracking.

Apple said the move is being made in the name of privacy.

This practice has drawn the ire of some renowned apps, particularly Facebook, which could be at risk of losing a huge chunk of revenue from targeted ads.

According to Statista, a statistics website, Facebook generated US$84.2 billion in advertising revenue worldwide in 2020. This makes up almost the entirety of the total revenue of $86 billion the company reported last year.

In response to Apple’s move, Facebook stated scores of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are reliant on social media ads to draw customers, and could be at risk of faltering if the move comes into effect.


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