Are Your Sex Toys Putting Your Privacy At Risk?

One for the Valentines weekend. TL;DR – don’t connect ‘intimate devices’ to the internet…:

There’s an especially juicy episode of Sex and the City in which Charlotte gets really into her rabbit vibrator — so much so that she starts ditching plans with her friends to stay home with it. Eventually, Carrie and Miranda feel compelled to step in and conduct what they call a “rabbit intervention.” And now, much like the iconic besties, Mozilla is here to give us our own sex toy intervention. This one, though, is all about privacy.

This week, the nonprofit behind the Firefox browser has released the Valentine’s Dayedition of its *Privacy Not Included guide, in which they reviewed the privacy policies of 26 sex toys and 24 dating apps using their own criteria. The findings: Half of the sex toys and 87% of the dating apps they reviewed had policies that left user information vulnerable to privacy or security breaches, the guide claims.

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