Atlassian says encryption-busting law has damaged Australia’s tech reputation

The impact of laws that look like a good thing to non-experts…If you’re worried that your company secrets are not protected because of this law, then you’ll look for alternatives to Bitbucket/Confluence/Jira…:

Atlassian believes Australia’s encryption-busting legislation continues to have a negative impact on the country’s technology sector, both from the perspective of partnering with an Australian company and attracting tech talent down under.

“The Act’s passage has significantly degraded the global reputation of the Australian tech sector, as local companies and multinationals alike question whether actions compel them to the Act will degrade industry’s ability to secure customer data and place their employees at individual peril,” Atlassian head of IP, policy, and government affairs Patrick Zhang said.

“We have received inquiries from customers asking about the impact of TOLA and what it may obligate Atlassian to do … our fear is that these questions are not ones that we will necessarily hear from customers and customers who shy away from our products or services may never tell us that it is due to TOLA, so understanding that is a difficult proposition to accept, but there has been, at the very least, anecdotal outreach from our customers, especially in Europe around the security of their data.”

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