Auditor weighs up review of govt’s digital ID system, COVIDSafe app

Australia is going through the same introspection phase as the UK when it comes to money spent on app development. The main difference is the budget involved. The UK is budgeted at £37B in the first two years. The Aussies?…

[…] The Department of Social Services, namely the DTA, and the Department of Home Affairs also face a potential audit for their role in the development of the COVIDSafe contact tracing app.

The app, which was likened to ‘sunscreen’ by Prime Minister Scott Morrison when it launched in April 2020, was intended to support the manual contact tracing process by health officials.

But more than a year on, only 17 unique close contacts – all of which were in NSW – have been identified using the app, despite more than 7 million downloads.

At the same time, the app cost $6.7 million to develop, after entering a “business-as-usual state”, will cost at least $100,000 – and as much as $300,000 – a month on an ongoing basis.


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