Australia: COVIDSafe legislation enters Parliament with a few added privacy safeguards

I’d like to see this level of debate in the UK for NHSX, not the “why aren’t you using Apple/Google?” technology spat currently ongoing…:

[…] In a bid to build trust from Australians, it is also considered an offence in the legislation to require an individual to download COVIDSafe, have the app in operation, or force someone to consent to uploading COVID app data.

The legislation also blocks the ability for businesses to force employees or visitors to use COVIDSafe.

A person commits an offence if they upload, or cause to be uploaded, data from a mobile device to the National COVIDSafe Data Store if consent to the upload has not been given by the user or their parent, guardian, or carer.

A person also commits an offence if they retain COVIDSafe data on a database outside Australia. It is also considered an offence if a person discloses data to another person outside Australia.

Decrypting data is also prohibited.


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