Australia’s regulator to take Google to court over data privacy

Australia tends to be a leader in these kind of actions so worth following to see how Google and the others will fare in a world of privacy-literate consumers…:

[…] A Google spokeswoman said the company was currently reviewing the details of the allegations and will fight the claims.

The lawsuit is the first of several that the consumer watchdog has said it would pursue against the Australian arms of global tech giants like Google and Facebook when it called for tougher laws concerning privacy and content-sharing.

The Australian lawsuit against Google is seeking unspecified penalties, and orders requiring the publication of corrective notices by Google, the ACCC said. “We want declarations that the current behavior should not continue,” Sims said.

The matter is expected to come up for a case management hearing in Sydney’s federal court on November 14.

The lawsuit also comes amid an intensifying global crackdown on the world’s biggest tech firms. While EU countries like France have slapped fines against Google for breaches of privacy laws, the US has also launched new investigations into whether the tech giants’ outsized market share stifles competition.

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