Automated Bots Are Increasingly Scraping Data & Attempting Logins

I tend to use Cloudflare (offer similar services to Imperva) to filter out bad bot activity and use 2FA wherever possible to secure logins. If nothing else, it reduces load though does make your google analytics stats look less impressive!…:

[…] In 2019, bad bots accounted for 24% of all Internet traffic seen by Imperva’s customers, 5.5 points higher than its lowest level in 2015, the company stated in its “Bad Bot Report 2020.” Bad bots are automated software programs that perform unwanted activities, such as scrape price data or availability information from websites, or conduct outright-malicious activities, such as account-takeover attempts or credit card fraud.

Acceptable bot activity has fallen by nearly two-thirds to 13% of all traffic in 2019, down from 36% in 2014, the report states. The move to a data-driven economy has created an incentive for more bots while at the same time making their activities less acceptable, says Kunal Anand, chief technology officer for Imperva.


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