Avast customer data sale revelation – users warned over information security

It’s now canon that “If you’re not paying. then you’re the product“. This is one more example…:

People should take better care over their data after the disclosure that cyber-security company Avast had harvested customer data before selling it onto other firms.

An investigation by Vice and PC Mag discovered that Avast had been collecting the web browsing data habits from its hundreds of millions of customers to supply some of the world’s biggest firms.

The investigation found that the anonymised web history data could then be traced back to individual users. A subsidiary of Avast, called Jumpshot was tasked with selling the user data from millions of devices to major brands and e-commerce providers.

The expose has led to the Czech data protection authority starting up an investigation into Avast and its activities. In a statement on its website, the authority said that “on the basis of the information revealed describing the practices of Avast Software s.r.o., which was supposed to sell data on the activities of anti-virus users through its ‘Jumpshot division’ the Office initiated a preliminary investigation of the case.


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