Avoiding the Brexit BS…

My more regular readers will know that I have a lot of respect for the Estonian approach to digital government and the entrepreneurial spirit.

After the Brexit referendum, as a bit of business continuity planning, I became an e-Resident of Estonia which not only gives you a whizzy smart card to be able to sign in to all the government websites but also the right to set up a company in Estonia without having to be physically present.

After the shenanigans over VAT (and credit cards, and seafood, and…) this month I’ve finally setup my Estonian company. Welcome Glock Enterprises (Europe) OÜ.

I already have a Euro bank account (in Brussels) with Transferwise, another Estonian business. So I should now be able to bill my European customers in Euros, without having the risk of having to register for VAT in each country my business operates in.

If you need to do similar, take a look at https://marketplace.e-resident.gov.ee/company/e-residency-hub for an idea of how the process works. The company setup took me 15 minutes.