AWI chief not happy over disruption to wool sales from cyber attack

One term that emerged from RSAC last week is ‘Cyber Resilience’. Assume that your systems will be compromised (or already have been). How does your business keep running and recover? This is how not to be resilient…:

Australian Wool Innovation has blasted the disruption to wool auctions caused by a ransomware attack on the wool selling system’s main software supplier, Talman.

As at noon today some wool brokers still couldn’t access the system which has left AWI CEO, Stuart McCullough, deeply unimpressed.

Wool auctions had to be abandoned last week after the cyber attack with some estimates suggesting Talman had been asked to pay $8 million to get its system unblocked.

Company staff worked over the weekend to work around the problem to get their systems up and running again in time for this week’s sales.

AWI CEO, Stuart McCullough, said producers had been warning about the potential for such attacks since 2014.

“Growers have been worried about the auction system being offline this past week due to an offshore cyber-attack and we have had concerns stretching back to 2014 about the over reliance on the one platform,” he said.

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