No, not an investment strategy but an exercise based on an imaginary crypto-mining attack. CERT teams do a lot of this, often unheralded, war gaming. If your organisation has a CERT team, look at joining like-minded teams to do the same…:

Australia’s pioneer cyber emergency response team, AusCERT, recently took the lead role in coordinating the annual drill for the Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team.

This drills tests the response capability of leading Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) within the Asia Pacific economies.

As the lead, AusCERT created the scenario and orchestrated the creation of “the inject” – which are the prompts sent to all involved teams. 

The theme of this year’s drill was “Banker doubles down on Mining”, where participants had to handle the case of a local business affected by malware infection that was triggered by a data breach.

AusCERT led and coordinated these teams and various resources to ensure that the end result of this cyber security drill was satisfactory — that is, APCERT/CSIRT, partners, and guest CERTs/CSIRTs from around the globe, are ready and capable to cooperate in managing incidents as they come, both now and in the future.AusCERT was not alone in contributing to the implementation or final success of the drill. Contribution, from infrastructure such as ticketing systems, communication, and artefact creations came from various other national computer emergency response teams around the Asia Pacific.

To read more about the drill, please see this AusCERT article, and the official media release from APCERT HERE

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