Biometrics are becoming popular alternatives to passwords, but will they keep us safer online?

Good discussion piece on the use of Biometrics. I’m paranoid enough to want three factors for authentication: 1. Something I know (e.g. a password); 2. Something I have (e.g. my mobile phone; 3. Something I am (a biometric measurement e.g. FaceID)…:

[…] While biometrics can keep companies safer because people “can’t lose their fingerprints”, they also involve greater risk if, say, employers are holding individuals’ sensitive information. “It’ll solve part of the problem but it’s not a panacea, it won’t stop people losing their data.”

Regardless, it’s on the rise, says Cert NZ operations manager Declan Ingram.

While Cert NZ doesn’t have specific data on compromised biometrics, he believes it will likely be a more common way for attackers to access accounts. His advice is to only share biometric information with trusted services.

“If you’re not sure, a strong password that you haven’t used anywhere else could be a better choice.”


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