Breach of Trust: How Cyber-Espionage Thrives On Human Nature

Worth a read. Note the ‘slow burn’ nature of these attacks…:
A distinct lack of drama on the surface is largely what fuels the success of cyber attacks. Verizon recently released its first ever Cyber-Espionage Report, a deeper dive into the evolving landscape of cyber attacks that builds off of its annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). While both reports found similar, and perhaps not surprising, stats such as the fact that 86% of data breaches were for financial gain, and that more than half (56%) of the time, threat actors are going after credentials to gain a foothold and unlock critical assets. But where the Cyber-Espionage Report goes a little deeper is into the ways in which cyber attacks thrive less on shadowy quick strikes at specific targets, and more on slow, quiet infiltration buttressed by very personal and seemingly normal direct contact with their victims. Add to that simple human error, and you have situations that open up more vulnerabilities that can potentially create even more damage than ransomware and other malware-based attacks.

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