Brokers Packaging Cybersecurity with Cyber Insurance

I started doing the same thing in the UK market several years ago. It seems to becoming fashionable…:

[…] Insurance retailers are teaming up with tech wizards to sell cybersecurity along with cyber coverage as a means of trimming premiums and winning over customers in a vastly underserved market: small and mid-sized businesses.

Coalition, a San Francisco managing general agent, last week announced that it will cut policy deductibles in half, up to $10,000, for customers that implement multi-factor authentication to protect business email.

Next week, another San Francisco brokerage, Zeguro Cyber Safety, will announce the launch of a service that allows customers to find out how much cyber insurance will cost if they do nothing, with the option of reducing the premium if they sign up for Zeguro’s cybersecurity training, monitoring and compliance platform.


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