Bugcrowd Enters the IT Asset Discovery Business

Bugcrowd’s approach is from the internet-in rather than the more common data centre-out approach (or the aggregation tools like Axonius. Disclosure: my company sells and implements Axonius‘ IT Asset tools). Asset management has typically been at the ‘unsexy’ end of IT, interesting to see players coming into the market and bringing their own take on how to solve the problems of finding stuff that might not be easy to spot…:

[…] Mapping and amassing a full inventory of devices on a network sounds like an obvious practice, but most organizations struggle to get a handle on what’s living on their network — a problem exacerbated by the explosion of mobile and Internet of Things devices in the typical enterprise — and how attackers could abuse them if they’re vulnerable or misconfigured.

Casey Ellis, founder, chairman, and CTO of Bugcrowd, says ASM differs from traditional asset discovery tools in that it focuses on the Internet view of the devices rather than on an internal network view. “We’re at a point right now where pretty much everyone is part of the way in migration to the cloud, which means you can’t really find” everything, he notes. “We’re doing it for them.”



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