Building Bridges to a More Secure Hybrid Workplace – Dark Reading

This article makes a good attempt at the problem statement but is light on what to do about it. My usual advice when asked about hybrid working is to treat all workloads as if they are hosted ‘outside’. At the network level, this is the Zero Trust story. But there’s also an operational and design mindset change…:

[…] This involves cybersecurity teams adapting to the hybrid workplace and seeking out new levels of endpoint protection rooted in zero-trust principles that are as unobtrusive as possible to avoid end-user circumvention. Embedding nonintrusive security technology into the endpoint will go a long way to providing users with a better security experience while also protecting the business.

All endpoint devices with security built-in rather than bolted on can provide a more seamless and less restrictive end-user experience. From here, organizations can layer security services on top, such as those that can contain and isolate critical threats before they have a chance to do any damage. Other tools can offer remote management for IT teams and the ability to self-monitor and self-heal without user interaction.


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