Canva backs hybrid work startup in $6.8 million raise – SmartCompany

There’s a lot of competition in the hybrid work space. Calven are coming at it from a ‘one app’ perspective. For those of us having to use a “buggers muddle” of Office/Teams, Slack, Zoom, Google Apps and other collaboration platforms this might be a good thing, or maybe just one more thing to install?…:

[…] The future of work will be built around employee preference, team objectives and organisational policy, Pollak explains.

While a lot of companies are introducing policies around hybrid works, they don’t necessarily have the means to manage it, whether that’s considering actual real estate, desk allocation and use of space; or employee experience and benefits.

“You‘ve got this dislocation occurring, and right now it’s almost unmanageable.”

The goal is to reduce friction in the hybrid work process — removing the need for employees to book desks, for example — while also boosting engagement beyond work-from-home surveys.


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