CERT/CC launches Twitter bot to give security bugs random names

Those pesky marketing varmints get everywhere…:

[…] Companies and researchers realized that the bugs they discovered had more chances to stand out if the bug had a cool-sounding name.

And so the practice of “bug naming” came to be, with the best-known examples being SpectreMeltdownDirty CowZerologonHeartbleedBlueKeepBLESASIGRedBLURToothDejaBlue, or Stagefright.

But as time went by, some vulnerability names started to deviate from being descriptive of a security bug and entered the realm of fearmongering and attention-seeking, becoming a marketing shtick.

Things reached a ridiculous level last year when a Cisco bug was named using three cat emojis under the spoken term of Thrangrycat (aka “three angry cats”).


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