CES 2021: Microsoft’s Brad Smith slams SolarWinds ‘indiscriminate assault’

Accurate commentary from the BBC…:

[…] The SolarWinds hack has stunned and terrified the sector – particularly those who make and sell software to protect us from hacks.

The last few weeks have been a nightmare scenario playing out in slow motion as more and more details of the scope and depth of the intrusion have been drip-fed to the public.

For the intelligence community though, at least in private, it’s more of a case of: “Why didn’t we think of that?”

All nations hack each other and supply chain attacks like this -albeit not as successful – have been used in the past for spying or disruption.

Clearly the Biden administration is preparing to respond in some way. But in truth, aside from perhaps a public naming and shaming of the hackers, there is little it can do directly to the perpetrators involved.

What happens behind closed doors is far more significant as cyber-defences will need to be rebuilt and potential offensive retaliation planned.

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