China and Russia pose the biggest state-backed cyber threat to the UK but you cannot lump them together

Which do you consider more reprehensible: being attacked because you’re seen as ‘the enemy’ or being attacked for money?…:

[…] “Russia is projecting an area in which it’s strong from a general position of strategic weakness. But it’s good at cyber. So it uses it to its advantage and it uses it to play in the great power space,” Mr Martin told Sky News’s Into The Grey Zone podcast.

“It uses it for classical, traditional statecraft, motives, espionage, strategic advantage, disinformation and so on. So it’s used as a method of projecting what’s left of Russian state power.”

An alleged example of this is a massive cyber hacking campaign against the US that was first discovered in December 2020. US officials have blamed Russia for what could be the most serious breach of US government systems.

The Kremlin has denied involvement.

The so-called SolarWinds breach is still being investigated.

As for China, Mr Martin said the origin of Beijing’s cyber capabilities were economic.

“In the first decade of the century, a huge sort of ecosystem of Chinese cyber attack built up that was basically designed to advance China’s economic expansion through getting commercial advantage, whether that was through espionage, whether it was through stealing somebody else’s design of a car or whatever it was,” he said.

“It, of course, still spied on governments and that sort of thing. But that was basically the way of the Chinese cyber attacks system worked.

“It’s conceptually quite simple. Just they’re trying to attack us. Our job is to try and make sure that it does as little harm as possible.”


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