China demands US response over CIA hacking claims

Given that the US has been indicting Chinese citizens for hacking, this seems like a reasonable quid pro quo…:

[…] In recent years, we have become used to private cyber-security companies, and then Western governments, calling out espionage by other states – with China often in the firing line.

Many private cyber-security companies, though, are still wary of publicly linking a particular hacking group to a foreign state.

This new report is a sign that Chinese companies are willing to hit back at the US and the CIA.

One thing making it easier for them is the fact that the CIA lost control of some of its most sensitive hacking tools, which were leaked onto the web.

That allowed others to recognise them being used by the CIA – or, perhaps, by people using them to falsely implicate the US.

At times, reports by US cyber-security companies appear to have dovetailed with US policy. The same might be true in this case, as China seeks to push back.


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