Chinese cyber attack caused massive Mumbai power outage last year?

It’s seen as a negative nowadays to quote Sun Tzu or von Clausewitz, but I can’t resist saying that cyber attacks are definitely an ‘other means’ in the phrase “the continuation of political intercourse with the addition of other means”…:

As India and China reaffirmed their commitment to ending the standoff in Ladakh late last month, a report in The New York Times has claimed China has been targeting Indian utilities and infrastructure using cyber attacks to possibly coerce New Delhi on the border issue.

The New York Times on Sunday reported that a study by Recorded Future, a US internet security firm, found Chinese malware “was flowing into the control systems that manage electric supply across India, along with a high-voltage transmission substation and a coal-fired power plant” at the time of the Ladakh standoff. Recorded Future monitors state-sponsored cyber activity.

Recorded Future pointed out that a Chinese state-sponsored group, which it referred to as Red Echo, “has been seen to systematically utilize advanced cyberintrusion techniques to quietly gain a foothold in nearly a dozen critical nodes across the Indian power generation and transmission infrastructure”.


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