Chubb Survey Finds Disconnect Between US Consumers’ Awareness and Actions Toward …

As a ‘Silver Surfer’ I’m apparently better at cyber hygiene than the ‘youngsters’…:

[…] Survey results indicate that when it comes to cybersecurity, a consistently large portion of older respondents employ better cyber practices than younger generations. Per the survey, 77% of those over 55 delete suspicious emails, compared to half (55%) of respondents between 35 to 54 and just a third (36%) of respondents from 18 to 34. Similar patterns arise when looking at those enrolled in cybersecurity monitoring services.

More concerning is that younger generations don’t just continue to shun the cyber lessons of older generations, their behavior is actively getting worse. For example, 76% and 74% of adults over 55+ regularly deleted suspicious emails in 2017 and 2018, respectively, as compared to just 47% and 40% of adults between 18 and 34 during the same time period. Learning from past events and generations before us is critical to prevent repeating the same cyber missteps.


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