Clerk uses photographic memory to steal credit card info from 1,300 customers

Security breaches can happen offline, too. For those that remember Richard Pryor’s performance in Superman 2, the basic rule is ‘don’t turn up at work in a Ferrari if you’re supposed to be living on a clerk’s income’…:

[…] The 34-year-old clerk worked at a mall in Koto City, near Tokyo. Police allege he memorized the 16-digit credit card number, security code and expiry date of customers during the small period of time it takes to complete a purchase transaction. This is all according to a translation by SoraNews of reports from Sankei News and Hachima Kiko publications.

Police added that, after arresting the clerk, they found a notebook containing the credit card details of 1,300 victims, reports ANN News. The scammer, despite apparently having a Sherlock Holmes level of memorization ability, led police straight to him by using stolen credit card information to buy two bags valued at 270,000 yen (approximately $2,500) — which he then had mailed to his own address.


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