Computer Virus Still Plagues Union City

There’s been a spate of attacks on municipal organisations in the US. Here’s an example of one that’s ongoing, and the effect it’s having on operations…:

[…] While workers are doing their best, email is still down. So are the payment and financial systems, the business licensing system, planning and building permits, and more. The good news is that if you are late paying a fee because of the computer outage, late fees will be waived.

And here’s more good news, the City is insured. Sugayan told Patch early Monday, “any loss we incur due to this attack we would hope to recover the costs through insurance, specifically the diligent work of the City’s I.T. team who has been working around the clock since Saturday morning.” It should be noted that Sugayan used her own personal email to respond to a list of questions from Patch at 5:26 a.m., so it’s not just the I.T. Department that’s going above-and-beyond.


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