Continued Use of Python 2 Will Heighten Security Risks

If you can get vendors/in house devs to port to python 3 then now is the time. Or take this as an opportunity to migrate to a new platform rather than re-write. I’m supporting multiple ‘legacy’ python 2-based systems, some not even on the ‘last’ version (2.7.18). It’s beginning to feel like being a COBOL programmer!…:

[…] In fact, as recently as June 2019 — and long after the Python Software Foundation had announced Python 2’s end of life — the most popular Python packages being downloaded from the Python Package Index were still Python 2 versions.

“Even if only a portion of these downloads are being used in live projects, the Python 2 EOL could potentially affect the security of millions of systems,” the UK’s National Cyber Security Institute had warned in a blog last August.

A survey of 1,200 individuals conducted by ActiveState between last October and November showed 31% of organizations didn’t have a plan to migrate to Python 3. Thirty-seven percent of the respondents said more than half of all Python apps in their organizations were based on Python 2. About 48% of the organizations using it were small, with less than 100 employees. But nearly one in three (29%) organizations using Python had 1,000 or more employees.


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