COVID-19 Leads to Greater Consumer Awareness of Data Security

A rare bit of good news to come out of the annus horribilis that is 2020…:

[…] According to the Security Index, concern for personal safety had its largest increase and overall personal security concerns are at their highest since the first Security Index in 2007. Yet, security of personal data has been a challenge for decades. What’s the difference now?

Visibility, thanks to a world full of instant information, said Jennifer Bazela, director of cybersecurity programs at Unisys. “Your customers are seeing breaches in the news at an alarming rate. They probably have been, or know someone who has been, personally impacted by a data breach or identity theft,” she said in an email interview. “They are more educated about the risks than ever; and with that information comes action, skepticism and in some cases, fear.”

And COVID-19 has heightened that awareness, both due to the rise in phishing and social engineering scams surrounding the virus and a growing concern around the security in natural disasters, as the Security Index pointed out.


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