Covid: White hat bounty hackers become millionaires

Good. Threat hunting can be done by anyone. I’d like to contrast this good news story with a bad news one. You might want to lend your support to a court case. Details here…:

Hackers earned a record $40m (£28m) in 2020 for reporting software flaws via a leading bug bounty reporting service.

HackerOne said nine hackers made more than $1m each after it flagged their findings to affected organisations.

One Romanian man, who only started bug-hunting two years ago, saw his total earnings to date top $2m. The UK’s top-earning hacker made $370,000 last year.

The platform suggested the pandemic had given the volunteers more time to pursue the endeavour.

A survey HackerOne commissioned indicated that 38% of participants had spent more time hacking since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

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