Cressida Dick: Tech giants make it impossible to stop terrorists – BBC News

Good point about detecting suspicious activity whether it be paedophiles, terrorists, or criminals. You don’t need to compromise everyone’s privacy by breaking encryption…:

[…]”We already have end-to-end encryption in Apple’s iMessage texting technology – it’s strange that law enforcement and the government haven’t hit out at Apple about that, but it’s all about attacking Facebook and WhatsApp,” Alec Muffett, who led the team that built end-to-end encryption technology for Facebook Messenger, told the BBC.

Much has been written about the wealth of data tech giants possess about the users of their services, particularly the fact they are constantly tracking user behaviour and interests in order to provide personalised ads.

He argues that tech firms already possess the technology they need to detect paedophiles and terrorists, simply by tracking their behaviour – they don’t need to compromise a user’s privacy by looking at all their personal files on their phone.

“If you’ve got an Facebook account of a middle-aged male who is randomly messaging a dozen teenagers out of the blue, then you have a potentially suspicious activity. It might be innocent, but it is certainly an issue worth delving into,” said Mr Muffett, who has more than 30 years’ experience in cyber-security and cryptography.


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