Critical Magento Holes Open Online Shops to Code Execution

I saw the headline and groaned “not again”. This seems to be a regular feature of Magento. I’m glad I’ve moved my clients off of the platform (breathes sigh of relief)…:

Two critical flaws in Magento – Adobe’s e-commerce platform that is commonly targeted by attackers like the Magecart threat group – could enable arbitrary code execution on affected systems.

Retail is set to boom in the coming months – between this week’s Amazon Prime Day and November’s Black Friday – which puts pressure on Adobe to rapidly patch up any holes in the popular Magento open-source platform, which powers many online shops.

The company on Thursday disclosed two critical flaws, six important-rated errors and one moderate-severity vulnerability plaguing both Magento Commerce (which is aimed at enterprises that need premium support levels, and has a license fee starting at $24,000 annually) and Magento Open Source (its free alternative).


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