Cryptojacked routers reduce by 78% in SE Asia following Operation Goldfish Alpha

Some good news to end your week…

[…] This week, INTERPOL announced that a campaign it co-ordinated in Southeast Asia had dramatically reduced the number of infected devices across the region.

Operation Goldfish Alpha was a six-month effort to secure hacked devices across Southeast Asia, launched after the discovery in the region of 20,000 MicroTik routers that had been exploited via an operating system vulnerability to mine for cryptocurrency without the consent or knowledge of their owners.

Operation Goldfish Alpha (no, we don’t know why they called it that either…) saw law enforcement agencies, the private sector, and security experts team up across Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to share information.

Their common aim? To locate the routers infected with cryptomining script, alert their owners, and patch the compromised devices so they were no longer under the control of criminals.

This week INTERPOL announced that the initiative had successfully reduced the number of infected devices by 78%. Efforts to clean-up the remaining infected devices continue.


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