Cyber name recognition keeps BlackBerry in the game

I’ll admit it, I was one of those two-thumb commuters you used to see mashing their BB handsets on the train and tube. Then BBN became the teenager’s messaging platform of choice, then…crash! Now they are back and trading on the security features that got them into banks and government in the first place…:

Blackberry was once a household name in the smartphone space, but that dissipated when the company’s handset sales were eclipsed by more dominant players, such as Nokia and Apple.

Since then, the company has been undergoing what Blackberry Australia, New Zealand, and India managing director David Nicol has labelled as a “transformation journey” for the last six years, back to the company’s so-called roots: A security firm for enterprise.

“We’ve transformed from a consumer devices company to enterprise security company. But really our origin was all about security,” he told ZDNet.

“The reality is we produced some great devices and we got caught up in the wave of consumerisation. But if you look at our business today, our focus is on enterprise customers, typically the more regulated or focused on security, as a customer is, the more they’re likely to look at our technology.”

And to the question of why the Blackberry name is still around, Nicol said there’s a historical attachment to the name and the people who need to be aware of the change that the company has undertaken are already in the know.

“The reason we retained the Blackberry brand is you don’t need to ask people many questions before they draw the link between security and Blackberry,” he said.

“They recognise yes, we had devices, but it was secure email, secure messaging that was pretty core to those devices.


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