Cyber resilience in the face of ever-increasing phishing attacks

How are organizations staying one step ahead of sophisticated phishing attacks by being digitally fit, avoiding adverse events altogether, or recovering from them quickly when they do happen?

In this webinar, we discuss cyber resilience, technical phishing defenses, the role of phishing simulations, and cybersecurity awareness training.

A bit of background…

More than a year in, and the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many people’s physical and mental health. A distracted work-from-home experience paired with lower overall morale makes staff more susceptible to threats, and cybercriminals will take full advantage.

Today, phishing remains a prevalent threat and continues to rise in sophistication and frequency.

When you hear the term cyber resilience, we mean the ability to bounce back from an adverse event and get back to running your business as seamlessly and as effortlessly as possible.

Where: Zoom – Register here

When: 25th of March 2021
11.00 UK (GMT)
12.00 CET