Cyber security now and in the future

It’s a little late but good to see the UK government offering security advice…:

[…] Many of these risks are not new, but may have increased as we work in a possibly less secure environment during a time of heightened anxieties. The good news is that plenty of advice is available, both from your security teams and from national experts. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has a wealth of information on its website, including specific advice about working at home and dealing with more email scams, as cyber criminals try to take advantage of the current emergency.

Look further and you will find advice about strengthening passwords. Many of us now suffer from “password overload” and can be tempted to reuse passwords, note them down in an easily accessible place, or include familiar names. Using a password manager can address this issue by creating random, unique passwords and saving them securely.

Finally, for those of you tasked with buying on-line conferencing services, NCSC offers advice about performing a risk assessment on what providers can offer.


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