Cybersecurity risks to consider when the workforce returns

I’ve seen many articles and written myself about the risks of returning to the office. One thing that tends to get missed is the human factor. As well as ‘disinfecting’ devices, there also needs to be a re-introduction of ‘how to work in an office’…:

[…] The opportunity to return to some degree of normalcy coupled with a desire to recoup losses sustained as a result of the pandemic may result in human errors during employees’ return to the office. Human error can take the form of falling victim to phishing, unwittingly violating security practices, forgetting processes that have not been performed in months, accidental information leaking, etc. During this period, as people return to the workplace with the vulnerable devices we mentioned earlier, there will likely be uncertainty about policy and practices regarding personal devices and applications in the workplace. Additionally, phishing attacks under the pretense of IT or financial services may be more persuasive than usual and the pressures of returning to standard operations may encourage complacency. Physical security practices must also be considered, as employees are likely to be both out of practice and less prepared to deal with social engineering after a period of isolation.


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