Cyberwar to Kinetic War: 2020 Election and the Possibility of Cyber-Attack on Critical Infrastructure …

Here’s an interesting idea: establish a ‘citizens militia’ for cyber defence…:

[…] The best technique in mitigating a surprise cyberattack on critical infrastructure during the 2020 election period is to call it out in the media, during speeches to the public, and as a public diplomacy initiative. Civil servants, educators, and journalists should not be quiet or blind to the possibility, which would result in a general public that would not only be in the dark, they would be in clear danger.

Next, for the US to have a robust civilian cyberdefense workforce in place, companies who are in the market for cybersecurity professionals should consider paying for new employee’s certification tests as they are require for employment, and on-the-job training from day one should be implemented to streamline filling requisitions to meet the need. Requiring all civilians to pay for college and certifications independently is not realistic.

Lastly, we need a US Senate that will not stop bills that are designed to develop a national cybersecurity policy regarding defending critical infrastructure or stop bills designed to protect our elections from interference from cyberattack, or manipulation from shadowy third parties. If steps are not taken to make the possibility of a cyberattack on our democratic process next year a public conversation, then we have indeed failed the republic we have sworn to protect.


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