Data Privacy Day: Changing workplaces and changing technologies. – CyberWire

Happy DataPrivacy Day! Time to review your data assets and the risks associated with the way they are stored and shared. CEO using DropBox? Board members sending sensitive information via WhatsApp? Open S3 Buckets? NAS exposed to the internet? Yes, all of these are happening right now…:

[…] “Boards and executives deal with information that is often highly sensitive and that consequently has higher costs of exposure. Think of the reputational, legal and financial repercussions if a classified document leaked because it was shared by executives on a general-purpose communication tool. The impact could be catastrophic. Additionally, recent cyberattacks have highlighted — not just for shareholders, but for all stakeholders — the importance of protecting an organisation’s most sensitive data. General-purpose collaboration tools are unable to offer the level of protection that stakeholders expect.


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