DEBATE: Will cyber attacks increase as we return to the office?

Alternative views on the change to the threat landscape as the slow return gets underway. I’m a ‘Yes’ on this as I see a significant threat from devices being carried into the office that haven’t been updated whilst ‘offnet’ and may already be compromised…:

Chris Hodson, CISO at Tanium, says YES

Cyber criminals exploited business disruption in the rush to get workers set up from home in March. Our research saw a 92 per cent spike in attacks targeted at companies in the first two months of lockdown, and they’ll respond again as offices fill up.


Rich Turner, SVP EMEA at CyberArk, says NO

We shouldn’t automatically expect cyber attacks to increase as workers return to the office, though of course they trend upwards over time. The cyber habits of remote workers contributed to raised threat levels during lockdown, with hackers using social engineering attacks like phishing successfully. Corporate networks are also better defended than employees’ own home networks, and the diminished reliance on VPNs for security and access will reduce the remote working threat.


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